To the punk dudes who constantly discouraged me from speaking when I was “too radical” about feminism, and only tolerated me because my boyfriend was their friend/fellow punk: FUCK YOU. You’re soooo fucking punk, aren’t you, you hypocritical losers. Go back to calling your girlfriends cunts and bitches when they get angry for you being a sexist, bigoted shit bag.

I wish I had a bunch of money so I could send all of my friends and family to therapy.




i’m really smart and cool and fun and i need money

my room mate watching sex and the city while i’m reading bell hooks lol

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I’m starting to realize that I can’t handle sober, physical contact with people, even my close friends, for longer than like ten seconds before I get really uncomfortable. And the whole time I’m really tense and probably physically uncomfortable to touch anyway.

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I feel really restless but aimless and I just started my period.


from now on i’m only going to do installation art of potted palm trees on faux marble pillars in small white rooms

solardivulger asked: I have a set of sheets and pillow case with that same pattern

if we put this all together, we could make a tenttttttt guysssss c’moooonnnnnnnn

i have a sheet with the same pattern on my wall…

i have a sheet with the same pattern on my wall…

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I haven’t showered in 4 days out of laziness, but now I feel like it’s a challenge and I have to prove something.